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Welcome to our soccer blog area where retailers and importers are sending us comments about our products. Please send your comments to

Hello, where can I buy some beach soccer balls. probably 50 and how much does it cost. I work for a Mexican Editorial soccer balls company and we are making a book about a major soccer team in Mexico. We are considering making a special edition that has the cover, covered with the soccer ball material (leather in octagons). For this i need to ask you if you can sell me the material as a canvas (not sewn as a ball but flat)....and if you can print something on it. I'm talking about 2,000 mts long and 40 cms with. Our quantities are as follows: Quantity Size 3 125 Size 4 50 size 5 50 soccer balls Thanks, Chip
P.S. How much more would it cost for a one color logo? We wired the money yesterday at 3:30 pm our time. Please ship the balls as soon as you can, please lable boxs to identify practice balls from game balls. can I get pricing on two separate orders. First: Soccer balls, either regular size or mimi. 100 of each and 200 of each.
Second: Basketballs. With a white autograph panel, can be two colors. All with this logo in two colors, I will get you the color separations when I place the orders.
Thanks for your help. I will look to order from you next season. I will be in contact at the beginning of the year.Being that it is soon to be Basketball time of year in Wisconsin, could you give me a firm price on basketballs, qty 100 two color logo. Also, what is the timeline that we can use for fulfillment of the order?
Thanks, I shall give you a firm order once we have all the costs. I would like to be able to forward individual orders to you - as I get them. I would like to have a drop ship relationship with you on an order by order basis. Please let me know which products you feel would fit this criteria - out of your children's sports items. If you could send wholesale soccer balls pricing on those items and graphics that I could use. I would like to review this information and then talk on the phone, if possible. Your website says that you offer wholesale pricing. I would like wholesale pricing on any of your balls, gloves, outfits, soccer kit and boxing kit. I will be marketing this in a variety of venues but it will be individual orders, single orders for each customer most of the time. For example a pair of gloves to a customer NY, NY or one soccer kit to NC. I would like to have the ability to send you the name, address and you all would ship individual single orders - as I get them. The stamp is great please make sure it is on all the game balls ordered. We wired the payment last Thursday you should have it soon. Please e-mail me when you recieve it and ship the balls. thank you for all your help Can you please advise if you also supply Australian Rules Footballs?
If so please supply quote on 8000 pcs soccer balls in red, leather & synthetic quote required, FOB. Printed with two 1 colour logo's, each 1 position.
We are interested in obtaining quantities of Beach Soccer balls (approximately 69 cm diameter, 300 to 400 grams weight) custom imprinted. We operate the Amateur Beach Soccer Association in United States We also would like to import soccer kits for league teams and scrimmage vests for tournaments and and league teams Please forward catalogue with specifications and prices for our league Please quote in quantities as follows: soccer balls This should help us now as we evaluate your products. Need price on mini soccer balls with team name on it.Can you supply new season premier football league club shirts at wholesale pricesI have another inquire and need a price, delivered air freight. You sent me samples of 2 footballs, 1 aprox. 6” and another 12”. I need a price fob Toronto again and time lines for air shipment on 2000 of either the small 6” mini or 12” “ ALL OVER PRINT Like the soccer balls you did but with new graphics. Let me know as soon as possible and we can get you the artwork for a digital mock-up. Thanks We are a supermarket company from Argentina/Chile and discovered your webpage on the internet. I would like to receive a quotation for 5000 units of soccer ball, made of leather imitation. I urgently need information for an order of 2250 promotional soccer balls with the printing a four color logo. I need costs and timing for delivery to our offices in Puerto Rico. I belive the proper would be trainning ball. Please note that I am in serach of an economic line targeted custom soccer balls for supermarket sales.
We are talking aout a line of aprox. USD 1 (+/-) per unit. (FOB) Until we have experienced the sell through of the quality of balls that you produce we would originally order a 20 " container of mixed balls you the need to tell us how many balls fit in such a container and we will get back to you with the break down. I am confirming you the order of 2,500 promotional Soccer Balls (the quantity was increased by 250). I am also sending the logo in the format available. Though we still want to see a sample of the ball, we want you to proceed with the order because as I have mentioned before we are very tight in time. In fact we need the printed balls in PR by the last week of September. Do you think that you can help us to meet our deadline? Ok, please send a picture to me so I can pass it to our commercial department for analysis. We wants to know more about rugby balls, size prices, and designs? Could you give me prices about 1000 balls? could you send my one ball, to see your quality?? We send our logo. The nearest airport is Montevideo ( Airport of Carrasco ) We found your company on the internet and are interested in establishing a business relationship. We are looking for oversees suppliers of gloves, and are interested in seeing what your company has to offer. Please send us your product list for so we can see if you have anything that might be of interest to us. Can you tell me if you make bladders for something other than a ball. If not can you possibly point me in a direction that might help. I need square and rectangular onesThe prices that you give me in the other mail, are CIF prices? Your company have an excellent prices, and we are very interested to do some business whit your company.
Please quote the following promotional soccer balls 52cm 1 color imprint on blk/wht ball pvc matte finish and latex bladder 5000 - 10,000 - 15,000 - 20,000 soccer balls I have a soccer club and would like to get maybe 100 soccer balls like the the McDonalds one on your web page. What kind of cost per ball? Who works out the graphics? We're looking for a low volume 10-20 soccer ball run with our logo on it. I've attached a sample of what we want. Hi! I'm looking to purchase around 12,750 white balls with our client's 1- or 2-color logo. Timing is tight, as this is a Winter, 2023 promotion soccer ball! Could you please get back to me asap with pricing and production timetable for customizing your Hand Ball and your Mini Ball. I am a personal fitness trainer and if they work well for me, I can recommend them to my clients and possibly 6 to 10 pair at a time. I do not have a high volume of clients.What is the shipping price for 3 dozen and how fast can we receive them?
What assurance do we have we'll receive our soccer ball shipment? Please allow me to introduce myself. We are a small but rapidly growing soccer distributor/wholeseller. We are interested in representing some of your products to our retail stores (aprox.100).
We were corresponding about soccer ball with a logo embossed on them a month or so ago. My client informed me at that time that he was going to use another vendor, but he just called me to say the other guy backed out, so we are back in the game.What are the prices of your indoor soccer balls/I would like to purchase 100 soccer gloves to start with and more after I see how the sell. I was wondering about pricing on your mini balls. Iam looking for gifts for 10 players on soccer team. Possibly having their team name put on ball. Could you give me pricingso how much are the gloves, and what if they don't fit, you how golf glove have to feel just right.We probably need 12 of each size 3-4-5, if there are no size 3's the we would need more a few more size 4's. Hello: I would also like to know how much shipping would be for:
200 gloves, 300 gloves, 400 gloves and 500 gloves. I would also like to know how long it would take to receive shipment. Please reply as soon as possible because I want to make my order. Thank you for the shipping information and I have four more questions. 1.) Are there any other cost, taxes, or duties, etc. that would be added to a purchase. 2.) Do you have any samples of the soccer gloves? 3.) I was also surprised to see that the manufacturing time was 8 days because I don’t need any special logos on the gloves. Does the price you have on the Web site include a custom logo?
4.) How would I make a purchase from you? I don’t see any area on the web site to make a purchase. I am considering retailing american handball sporting gloves and I am searching for a manufacturer or distributor with whom to do business. The gloves I seek are relatively thin unpadded gloves that are supple and can tolerate the corrosive hand sweat coupled with hot humid conditions without stiffening, hardening, cracking and tearing.I work for the State of Oklahoma with individuals who are developmentally delayed. Several of my clients cannot communicate and resort to hitting themselves when they are in pain or discomfort. There is one young man in particular that hits his head around the ears and temples. We are in search of small boxing/wrestling type helmets that will protect these areas. His
head what is your minimum order number. I only need 1-2 balls for my personal need. i want my company logo and college mascot printed on it to display in my showroom at my business. PLEASE let me know if you can help or refer anyone else thank you for your help- I am looking for some small soccer balls around the size of a baseball.
Please let me know if you have any of these. I beleive the mini balls (soccer) are what I am looking for and I would like to put a name of them if possible. Is there a phone number where I can call and order these? I am looking to order about 35 soccer ball of them. Please let me know as soon as possible. I am read to move forward on the project now I was getting other suppliers ready for my market launch. I may be interested in your product but would like to see some samples of the gloves each in Large and X Large, If you can do this I will give you my UPS number and you can send them to me.
I am a fencing equipment supplier in the United States and am looking to have gloves made for the sport of fencing. The glove is worn on the weapon hand only and should be reinforced in the thumb, forefinger and palm for a longer last. It shold also be soft and supple enough to allow for finger control of the weapon. Please let me know what I need to do to get a quote. Let me first say I am looking for only the highest of quality If you have any reservations then let me know I dont want to waste your time or mine.i need nr 4 soccer balls i need 200 can you let me know if you have any under $7.00 Please prepare a quote for 20,000 soccer balls following the specifications listed below: synthetic Leather.* Official Size 3's, 4's and 5's as ordered. * Official Weight 3's, 4's and 5's sizes soccer ball as ordered. * Hand Sewn. * (18) Eighteen Panels. * (4) Four Ply Construction. * A Butyl Bladder.* Contain a "No Child Labor" imprint. * Imprinted with an overall design (four line colors), with the addition of different Retail Dealer (three-color maximum) logos on the two blank panels. * We will provide logo artwork via computer disk in a format compatible to your system.
* The soccer balls will be shipped to your distribution location. * They must be packed 50 to a box per size. * The box must be labeled with the size and retail dealer name and shipping address. Labeled boxes must be shipped to the dealer locations indicated on a provided shipping list. * We will provide you with a UPS account number to charge the shipping costs. Please include a time schedule with your quote keeping in mind the spring soccer season starts March 1, and the soccer balls must be at dealer locations at least two weeks before this date. The quantity of our first order will be 20,000 in various sizes. The balls are ordered twice a year and to start with we are only getting a small piece of the pie and look forward to getting a bigger piece with every order. This program has been in place for two years and is growing rapidly so we are very hopeful that it will mushroom into a very good situation all. Hello! How are you? Somedays ago we have visited your soccer Web-site in Internet. Our company have interested by your production (Weightlifting Belts & Power Lifting Belt).The soccer balls are going to be used for promotions as a practice ball. The specifications that I listed in my first message is what we must follow. We are matching the specifications of the soccer ball that was used last year when 240,000 balls were ordered. I have been given the oportunity to gain this account starting with an order of 20,000. Please be as competitive as you can and use the exact specifications that I listed. Thank you for asking. I received the soccer balls quite awhile ago now, probably about 2 weeks after you sent them. They are beautiful balls,We are very pleased with them. I'm sorry I did not let you know sooner. The new prices are much better. Can you send me a sample ball that follows the specifications I have requested? Because in Kosova is starting soccer and other sports leagues please send me the price for the samples of balls that you send to me. Please give me the detailed prices for deferent quantity’s and for a balls with my images. Thank you for following up with me regarding our recent business with you. We did receive the shipment a couple of weeks ago. I do have some feedback I'd like to share with you. First, however, please know that overall - we are pleased with your products. However, we did have a couple of concerns: 1 - We expected the yellow smiley face balls to be more of a "neon" or bright yellow color, rather than the "gold-ish" color. We should have been more explicit in expressing our desire / preferences, so we are not dis-satisfied with your work. 2 - We also expected the larger soccer balls (the smiley face balls and the large "flag" balls) to be regulation size and weight. We expected them to be size 5 and to weigh a few ounces more. They seem a little small and "light" in weight relative to a regulation or "official" size ball. We will be OK with the current order, however, for future orders we will ask for more adherence to such specifications. Good news is that we had an order for 6 of the smiley balls last week - so, they do appear to be a good product for us to carry.
We are a company in sweden, Finland, Denmark and Norway that spesialice in profiling products. We sell to big companies and also to the biggest soccer clubs in theese countries. We would be interested in bying promotional balls from you. Can you pleease send me som prises and specifications for these types of balls and Whith company logos. What is the minimum quantity for the soccer balls?Thank you for your pricing on the mini soccer ball. how much are happy face soccer balls and do you have 200 # 4 in stock I am pleased to know that you CAN manufacturer a ball that is slightly bigger and heavier. Again, we will be more precise with communicating our expectations to you next time.If the client would approve using a latex instead of a butyl bladder for the promotion balls how much would the cost drop on each size?We would be interested in purchasing any excess inventory you have. These could be odd lots, old models etc. Please let me know who I would get in touch with. We are very interested in discussing a potential business relationship. Our primary business focus is selling excess inventory on eBay. While the 30,000 soccer balls sound very compelling its probably too much of a single item for us to move economically on eBay. We may however have some other avenues for that item. i'm a french distributor for motorbike's fashion.I'm very interesting by yours products:gloves.Thank 's to give me yours prices and conditions to work together.I am looking for hand stitch soccer ball.
Pls quote base on qty -1000pcs, size 5 with 4C printing, Gloss material.
Pls advise yr leadtime. We are searching for a manufacturer of soccer balls and basketballs. We need a quotation for 300.000 pcs per item. Please inform us if you can deliver this amount, your fob prices and your payment conditions. . I need pricing on soccer balls, both regular (black and white) and custom. I will need approximately 120 balls.I am trying to obtain some futsal balls. Can you provide me information?I need to buy bodybuilding belts with our logo for our clients. If you have this product we would like to contac to you to see samples and make an order. We are soccer vendors. We go out to the tournaments and set up booths each weekend. We have three packages that go out each weekend. We are looking for unique soccer items. what led me to your sight was the soccer cap. do you wholesale.....what is your order requirements. I am a coach of a under 12 girls team in Southern California, USA I was looking to find and purchase 20 Mini Soccer balls (light blue) with our team name printed on them. Do you do this, and how long would it take to get them? We are interested in importing footballs to Chile, South America. Please send us prices and volumes. How do I order? Minimum order? Thanks, Judy What are your prices and quantity for mini balls and promotion balls?

OK, can I get pricing on two separate orders.
First: Soccer balls, either regular size or mimi. 100 of each and 200 of each.
Second: Basketballs. With a white autograph panel, can be two colors.
All with this logo in two colors, I will get you the color separations when I place the orders.



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